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Buzze Racing Rearend
buzze Racing Quick Change

Buzze Racing offers a complete line of sales and services for all makes of quick change rear ends. From Winters and Tiger quick change rear ends, and anything in between. Yes, we also service Gleasons! Whether you need a quick repair, or a full rebuild, we make sure to stock parts for all types of repairs for your racing application.


At Buzze Racing we also have highly skilled in-house fabricators, and can mount anything to your quick change - from an oil cooler, to shock mounts, and brake brackets. Did you also know that we build custom track bar mounts? Well, we do!

Once we are finished with your rear end, we may straighten it in order to make sure that your wheels are pointed in the right direction on our fixtures. If needed, we may also bend your tubes back in our press cold, this reduces the fatigue that heating brings. We will only use heat to get the last few thousands if needed.

We value our customers, and we make sure that we deliver the best customer service, in a timely manner. Give us a call today to have your parts serviced!


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