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Buzze Axles


Buzze Racing offers "Buzze Axles"- these axles come in three lightweight styles for affordable weight savings and increased grip.


  • LW (Light Weight)

  • XLW is our (Extra Light Weight)

  • ULW (Ultra Light Weight) 

These axles are a true torque absorbing axle and promote maximum drive on corner exit.

Need a custom axle? Give us a call, we will be able to help you choose the correct size and type of axle for all of your racing needs.

Lightweight AXLE (LW)

Up to 750 HP! Proven success in asphalt Modifieds,  Late Models, Dirt Modifieds (IMCA/UMP/NE/MODS), Dirt Late Models.

Save 1-2 lbs. per axle!

Xtra- Lightweight AXLE (XLW)

Up to 550 HP! Maximum twist and  weight savings. Hundreds of race wins and Championships. Great for crate and Lower horsepower engines.

Save 2-3 lbs. per axle!

ULtra- Lightweight AXLE (ULW)

400 HP​ and below. Ideal for small crate engines and/or small/hard tire vehicles or very low grip tracks. Average 1 lb. lighter than XLW axles.

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  • Lose 4-6 lbs. of unsprung, rotating weight! 

  • Saves tires!

  • Increases traction under acceleration and deceleration! 

  • Maintain Bite longer!

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